Now pick up 200 free spins on the slot by starting playing at Casumo online casino

Casumo is a European online casino supervised and licensed by the Maltese gambling authorities. So it pays its taxes to Malta – including on all your potential profits. Since Casumo operates in Europe, it is actually controlled by several European authorities, and thus gambling at Casumo is safe – as long as you play responsibly yourself, i.e. only with the kind of money you can afford to play. In addition to Malta, the United Kingdom has also issued  a gambling licence at Casumo, i.e. its authorities also supervise the casino’s operations.

New player’s opening and welcome offer at the casino

Casumo online casino now offers new players 200 free spins on Golden Osiris and a 100% deposit bonus up to €200.00. So if you go to play for €50 (which is the equivalent of a two-person movie night), you’ll receive €50 in your account and €50 in bonus money, plus those 200 free rounds of play to Golden Osiris.  At Casumo you can deposit using the following methods: Trustly, Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill or Paysafe.

After playing at Casumo for longer, you can see in your own account information how much you’ve played, what you’ve played, and how high  up in Casumo’s customer system you’ve risen – for example, the author of this is level 46.  Casumo is an online casino that organizes all the fun alongside games – competitions, draws – we recommend Casuno just because of its true entertainment value.

After you played at Casumo online casino and maybe already put more money into your account – be sure to keep track of how much you have played. Your account also shows all the money you have withdrawn – because hopefully you’ve remembered to withdraw your winnings and buy something nice from time to time. The first withdrawal takes a little longer because Casumo needs to make sure who you are – but after the first withdrawal, you can withdraw any winnings quickly.

Bonus money

What does bonus money mean? Bonus money is money-like play money that allows you to play casumo casino games and win more. If you win with bonus money, you will need to play the number of spins needed for your winnings and the winnings can then be withdrawn to your bank account in parts of €10.  Bonus money and bonus winnings must be wagered at the casino 30 times before the bonus money has become real money – that’s why most of the time we talk about money-worth play money, because that bonus money usually goes to those new games through and looking for a new favourite of its own. However, it often happens that players keep coming back again and again to certain games that they like for some strange reason – it can be the colours, the sounds, the theme – the chances of winning, whatever.

 Casumo’s game options

Casumo’s online casino is one of the largest on the market, which is why we also perform it for entertainment and entertainment.  We have also been playing at Casumo’s casino at regular intervals  and we understand the principles of casino gambling to be entertainment gaming, which you have to be willing to pay for, but where you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true with big jackpot winnings.

Casumo serves:

  • hundreds of slot machines, i.e. slot machines
  • sports betting destinations for every day
  • Live casino games you can play without travelling to a real casino

And at Casumo you can try all slots without money, even without money, with demo versions of the games that work exactly the same way, with the same probabilities as the money circulation, but with demo versions you can take your time to search for your favorite game. You can also watch live casino games next to you without placing a bet yourself before you’re sure which game you want to try. Spend as much time as you want to find the very games and tables that most interesting to you.  There  are plenty of times to do at Casumo online casino, and you might as well take a break of a couple of months and then come back again when you feel like it is to the games for Casumo.  Casumo remembers players evenly with a variety of promotions and various free game rounds that allow you to try new slots that have come to the casino with a few free spins.

Whether they’re slots or live casino tables or sports betting, all games include their lucky sections – slots are 100% lucky games, you can’t control the coming of cards or the movement of the ball at the table, but as the rounds progress, you can decide whether to place what kind of bet, or whether to do what kind of bet, or whether to do what the song once sang with poker…. and sports betting is a world of its own.

Betting destinations can be found at Casumo’s online casino all the time – there’s football, ice hockey, virtual sports, basketball, tennis, E-sports tournaments, baseball, golf and more – there’s something to play for every day.

Jackpot wins – slots that make dreams come true

Casumo Jackpot games – those really big wins – are then in games played at multiple casinos at the same time.  At Casuno there are a couple of dozen of these games, and for every one of them can win millions at any time. Pots are worth over TEN million euros – and at some point someone will win them  too – so far the biggest jackpot has grown to almost 20 million before some happy player won it. Big jackpot wins are already available with a small bet – but they are chased by thousands of other players at the same time – and the winner is determined 100% entirely by chance and luck in each game.

Responsibly and entertainingly

If at some point you feel like you’re playing too much, check out Casumo’s Play Okay tools. They help you manage your gaming at a level that makes it fun and entertaining pastime. You can easily set yourself time and money breaks to play.

Keep playing on the side of joy!

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