Want to try a new online casino – try Wildz casino

Playing at an online casino is an adult leisure time. The online casino is intended for entertainment, and wildz casino also serves it to all its customers.  Wildz online casino offers you customer service in your own language and takes care of your customers to make it as smooth as possible.

One minute and you’re already playing

Rootz Ltd, registered in Malta, operates Wildz Casino and serves the games in the EU, which means tax-free winnings for you. Hundreds of games are waiting for their player every day, and you can play at any time at live casino roulettes and blackjack tables, even if you’re sitting by the kitchen table.

Changing casino bonuses

Wildz Casino offers its players quite a few bonuses. As a new player, you will receive:

  • 200 free rounds of games
  • 100% deposit bonus up to €500

And those bonuses at Wildz online casino don’t stop at the start, but all kinds of promotions and bonuses are available all the time. For example, at the time of writing there are Gold Bar bonuses, Translation Result bonuses for the weekend and e.g. Pragmatic Play’s €500,000 Drops&Wins extra wins. Especially the kind of game studio’s own tournaments, such as the pragmatic play offer that is now underway, are modern times. Nowadays, game studios are actively marketing their own new games, offering extra wins on top of the basic winnings of the games – all based on 100% chance.

Try a new adult slot – try Wildz casino

Casino Wins and leisure activities

If you go to play a round of golf, you always pay something for it. If you go to the movies, you’ll pay then, too. €50 isn’t a big fee for your own hobby – what if you put it in the same deposit in an online casino like Wildz’s account – you’d get excitement and entertainment with all the money – and with luck at best, you could multiply your deposit with the winnings. Again this year, wildz casino has won tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars in winnings in various games, such as in May the player won    €207,019 in Dead or Alive 2 by NetEnt. This win was won with a bet of €3.60 and the winner happens to live in Malta himself.

But casino gambling is meant for entertainment – meaning it’s more likely that you’ll lose the money you’ve deposited in some time frame – but how many free hobbies and exciting things are on offer? Or how many hobbies you know that can generate money directly into your own account in thousands of euros. Winning and losing is 100% by chance – all online casino games at Wildz are lucky games where anyone can win – and it doesn’t help that you play the same game, even for ten years – the win comes if it is to come, just likeat Eur o Jackpot.

Casino games are ok

All adult gaming has grown throughout the 21st century and casino gaming on that side has also grown. At the same time, all kinds of adult gambling has become more accepted and means that it’s okay to play mobile while waiting for a bus or subway – and when there are thousands of different games, and there are thousands of different casino games – there’s something for everyone in the games.

You just remember to play responsibly – that is, don’t gamble with the kind of money you otherwise need in your everyday life, and also remember social interaction with friends, so don’t play any games too much. Games and gaming is a good hobby, even casino games, as long as you always remember moderation.

Try a new adult slot – try Wildz casino

What is a Casino Jackpot?

Jackpots are like no other prize in the casino world.

Used to describe a major win served up by a online slot, they normally represent the single biggest prize available. And since jackpots can literally make millionaires of anybody overnight, they have proved an irresistible draw for casino goers ever since they were introduced to the world in land-based machines decades ago.

The richest jackpots can occasionally stretch into considerable seven-figure territory, at which point they begin to generate widespread trade coverage, while record-breaking scores can even attract the interest of mainstream media.

Free spins

Free Spins is a popular feature found in most online video slots. Free Spins usually occur as a bonus round that is triggered when landing 3 or more identical symbols.

However, free spins can also be activated by revealing certain symbols in bonus games or achieving a number of consecutive winning respins.

The number of awarded free spins is often a firm number. But games exist where the player can choose from a lower number of spins with a higher multiplier, or vice versa. Free Spins games with multipliers are often the key to racking up big wins in those titles.

Many titles allow the player to win additional spins during a Free Spins round by collecting certain symbols or making the right symbol combinations on the reels. Sometimes a finite number of additional spins can be won whereas other games allow for an unlimited number of additional spins.

Free spins won inside a game are counted as normal rounds and do not include a wagering requirement.

Free spins can also be won directly from Wildz on Levelz. Free spins won from Wildz Online Casino are not an added feature to any game, but are awarded as normal spins. Please note that free spins won from Wildz are subject to wagering requirements

Modern safe alternative to online casino Wildz

Online casino Wildz is a safe and European option. Its activities are governed by a number of laws it has to comply with, and all financial transactions pass through reliable payment intermediaries. So gambling and money are safe when you play at Wildz Online Casino. Try it for a couple of tens today. You can start going through various slots, even in demo versions without money, or with your bonus money, which you receive on deposit at 100% of your deposit.

Good luck with the games – and remember to read all the casino’s terms and conditions whenever you play at an online casino, so that nothing surprises you. Payment times and bonus rules are ones worth reading first and then just trying out the games – lady luck prefers the brave

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