New Slot: Kraken by Mascot Gaming

Journey to the depths, to the Kraken’s hidden nest,

Where ghostly ships lie, and countless treasures rest.

Set at the bottom of the sea amidst sunken ships, Reveal the Kraken takes players on a treasure-seeking quest brimming with danger and thrill. Hoist the sails! By Mascot Gaming.

Within a fleet of dynamic features, the game hoists its flagship – the new Risk and Buy feature that has swiftly garnered the favor of players across the seas.

Players can buy Free Spins at any time by choosing either a predefined offer or a special random offer that allows players to buy Free Spins at a unique price that changes after every spin.

For the more daring, the thrilling Risk game is designed like a Wheel of Fortune. Spread across three levels, it introduces varying multipliers. Players can risk their winnings and spin the wheel, with opportunities to multiply their winnings from x2 to x5. The maximum multiplier in the Risk game is a staggering x1000 of the total bet.

In addition, the game offers three types of bonuses. When players land 3 or more Bonus Symbols, they trigger the Bonus Game. The Bonus Symbols that activate the Bonus Game transform into Sticky Wilds. The Bonus Game begins with a single bonus spin. Each time a Wild Symbol appears on the screen, it turns sticky, initiating an additional bonus spin. Once the Bonus Game ends,, the Super Bonus Game begins, and all Sticky Wilds are transferred to it.

The third bonus is the Extra Bonus Feature. If Sticky Wilds fill all the reels during both the Bonus Game and the Super Bonus Game, the game ends. Players then receive a win equivalent to the payout for the highest-value symbol across all 20 paylines, multiplied by the remaining bonus spins in the Super Bonus Game.

Designed for the real treasure hunters that carry their love for the sea at heart, Reveal the Kraken masterfully evokes the spirit of adventure. With finely detailed marine-themed graphics and haunting soundtrack, it’s easy to feel aboard the legendary Flying Dutchman.

Margarita Malysheva, Head of Marketing at Mascot Gaming:

«Players will be delighted with our new slot game. Reveal the Kraken transports players into a world of sea mysteries, perfectly capturing the thrilling allure of sea treasure hunting. We can’t wait for players to embark on this exciting journey with us. Bon Voyage!»

NEW Risk & Buy Feature: Risk

Risk your winnings by playing the Risk game. You can enhance your winnings by getting a win multiplier.

NEW Risk & Buy Feature: Buy

Purchase a Bonus Game with the proposed conditions and at the suggested price. There is a special buy offer after each spin.

Bonus Game

Bonus game starts with 1 Bonus Spin to accumulate sticky Wilds. Each new Wild symbol adds a Bonus Spin.

Super Bonus Game

Super Bonus game starts with 3 Bonus Spins with accumulated sticky Wilds from the Bonus game. Each new Wild symbol reloads the counter of Bonus Spins.

Extra Bonus Feature

If the entire screen is filled with sticky Wilds in the Bonus or Super Bonus Games, the bonus ends and the player receives a prize equal to the payout for the most expensive symbol on all lines, multiplied by the number of remaining Bonus Spins.

Game details

Release date: 24 October 2023

Game ID: reveal_the_kraken

Game type: Profit Game

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