Play´n Go slot: Fat Frankies

What’s the story?

Grub’s up!  

Fat Frankie serves the best food in town, but he’s looking to put his name on the culinary map. Help him show that his Food Truck has what it takes.  

Orders, tips, reviews are the key to success! A piece of cake, right?  Playn GO delivers again!


Featuring a strong narrative, players have clear goals in their sights from the get-go. The aim of the game is to build up Frankie’s reputation as having the best food truck in town. There are four ways that they can do this through the four features that are triggered in the Bonus Rounds. 

In Burger Bonanza, Burgers will stick to the reels and reward a re-spin, this will continue until no more burgers land on the reels, then the prize money will pay out.  

Flip the Tip sees players awarded with three coins which they flip into a tip jar, if the coin falls into the jar it will increase the Multiplier. If the coin doesn’t make it into the jar, the players loses that coin. Should they get the next coin into the jar, they’ll get that coin back on their three. This round finished when the players reaches the max Multiplier or loses all three coins.  

Greasy Wilds shows an animated Frankie appear and spill grease all over the reels! This leads to there being one to five Wild reels on the grid.  

Finally, there’s the Five Star Free Spins. Each time the Five Star symbol lands on the reels it will increase the Win Multiplier and add two extra spins; the Multiplier ranges from x2 up to x6 times. 

Meet the characters

Fat Frankie 

This culinary genius is a little out of his depth when it comes to marketing his food truck. But with the heart and soul needed to cook up a storm, we know that he’s on the road to success… Even if he is a little clumsy.



  • Release Date 10.03.2022

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