Play´n Go slot release Moon Princess 100

What’s the story?

Everyone’s favourite princesses return in their next adventure. Love, Storm and Star are back and this time they’re turning the magic up to 100!  Go Play´n Go!!

Bringing all the original features and something new to the table, Moon Princess 100 is a game players will return to time and time again. 


This edition of the game features more win potential than the original Moon Princess. Both the Multiplier and the Maximum number of Free Spins have been cranked up from the original 20 to a massive 100. 

By clearing the grid of all symbols, players will unlock the Clear the Grid Prize which will payout x50 the total bet.  

Free Spins are triggered by clearing the grid during the Trinty feature. 

The player can choose one of the three princesses to determine the number of Free Spins and the non-winning effect that will be active during the feature as follows. During Free Spins the player can choose the non-winning Girl Power will play on every non-winning spin, the Win Multiplier and the number of Free Spins are capped at one hundred. 

Each Princess has a unique Girl Power, which can help players create wins and clear the grid. These features are triggered randomly on an initial spin where no winning combination is made. The active character on the screen determines which effect will play out. 

Love will choose a random symbol and transform it into another symbol type. 

Star will randomly add one or two Wild symbols, using intelligent placement to assist the player. 

Storm will remove two types of low-paying symbols from the grid. 

Meet the characters


Meet the princess trinity.   These three magical princesses possess powers beyond your wildest dreams. For these three, adventure is always just around the corner… 


Girl Power

On any non-winning spin, a Girl Power feature may randomly trigger. Depending on which princess is displayed next to the grid, it will be:

  • Love – changes one set of symbols in view into another symbol type.
  • Star – 1 or 2 additional wilds are added to the grid.
  • Storm – two sets of symbols are removed from the board.

Princess Trinity

Next to the grid, you’ll also find a power meter. Landing winning combinations made up of 3, 4, or 5 princess symbols fills in 1, 2, or 3 sections of the meter. When 3 sections are filled, players win 1 free spin known as the Princess Trinity. For this spin, the win multiplier is reset, and each princess uses their modifier on non-winning spins until all three have been spent. If the grid is cleared during this feature, free spins are awarded.

Free Spins

When activated, players are able to choose 3 free spins options – Love, Star, or Storm, which comes with 4, 5, or 8 free spins, respectively. On every non-winning spin, the chosen princess performs her feature ability. Also, in the bonus game, whenever the Power Meter is filled, it awards 4, 3, or 2 extra spins when playing the Love, Star, or Storm feature. This time players are able to win up to 100 free spins instead of the usual 20.

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