Spearhead Studios: Madame Clues

Fortune favors the bold.

Is what you tell yourself as you enter the old, abandoned Arcade, where you find the mysterious fortune teller Madame Clues. She sits still inside her glass prison and awaits her next vict… Uhm, I mean customer! Toss her a coin, and she will tell you what the future has in store for you.

This one-symbol slot offers stunning graphics, very entertaining sounds, and extraordinary gameplay. You can win up to 23.000X!

Game ID MadameClues
Release Date 11 January, 2022
Category Slot
Volatility medium-high
RTP 95.90%
Min Bet 0.01
Max Bet 100
Reels 1×1
Lines 1
Features Bonus Game, Free Spins


• There are 4 paying symbols in the game, Owl symbol, Raven symbol and
Death symbol.
• Owl symbol triggers Free Spins.
• Raven symbol triggers Look Deeper Bonus.
• Death symbol doesn’t pay any wins and doesn’t trigger any features.


• Wins are paid for each of the symbols according to the paytable.
• When Free Spins or Look Deeper Bonus feature is triggered, you receive
the guaranteed win according to the paytable. Guaranteed win does not
apply when Owl or Raven symbols appear again during the active feature.
• Paytable wins are multiplied by the Bet amount.

Free Spins

• FREE SPINS feature is triggered when Owl symbol appears on the
• During the FREE SPINS the reel spins automatically with the same bet as
the spin that won the FREE SPINS.
• The bets are not subtracted from your balance during the FREE SPINS.
• Upon initial trigger, you are granted 3 FREE SPINS with X2 multiplier.
• When Owl symbol appears again during FREE SPINS, 3 more FREE
SPINS are added and the multiplier is doubled.
• The maximum number of FREE SPINS which can be won during one
game round is 21. Maximum possible multiplier is X128.
• All wins are multiplied by a current multiplier during FREE SPINS. If the
multiplier is increased upon feature retrigger, it doesn’t apply to previous
• During FREE SPINS, Raven symbol not present.

Look Deeper Bonus

• LOOK DEEPER BONUS is triggered when Raven symbol appears on the
• The single symbol visible on the screen is split into 2×2 grid containing 4
symbol, and another spin happens for all of them.
• If RAVEN symbol appears again during the feature, the symbol is split to 4
symbols once again.
• Maximum of 3 split iterations can happen, resulting in up to 8×8 grid
containing 64 symbols.
• The wins for each of the symbols appearing on the screen during the
feature are paid indepentently. Wins are paid based on the bet amount
that was placed on the spin that triggered the Look Deeper Bonus.
• During Look Deeper Bonus, Owl symbol not present.

How To Play

Play Mode and Balance
• The game can be played in either FUN or REAL mode.
• In fun mode, you are playing just for fun with play money. In real mode,
you are playing with real money from your balance.
• Your balance is shown in the BALANCE box both in fun and real mode.

Placing Bets

• This game is played using the selected Bet.
• To set the bet amount, use the “-“ and “+” buttons.
• Press SPIN button to start a game round at the current bet value.
• Press on SPACE bar button also starts a game round.Auto Spins Mode
• To select the number of AUTO SPINS, click the AUTO button. Select

UNTIL FEATURE to spin until a feature is triggered.

• You can stop the AUTO SPINS earlier by clicking the STOP button.
• The STOP button shows the number of remaining spins. When the UNTIL
FEATURE option has been selected, it shows the “∞” symbol.
• The LOSS LIMIT value is mandatory, the AUTO SPINS will stop after your
balance decreases by selected amount.
• If WIN LIMIT value is selected, the AUTO SPINS will stop after your
balance increases by selected amount.
• If SINGLE WIN LIMIT value is selected, the AUTO SPINS will if you win
more than the selected amount in the single game round

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