Play ‘n Go: Tale of Kyubiko

What’s the story? 

There are tales of a mischievous spirit that appears to late-night travellers and leads them to its lair.  

But who is this wily creature? She goes by the name Inari, a shapeshifting goddess who can take on the form of both a human and a fox.  

Follow her, and you may be partial to a share of her treasures. 

Good omen or fearsome foe? We’ll let you decide. 


Inari’s Fortune, more commonly known as the nudge feature, may trigger when the Stacked wild has landed partially on any of the reels.  

If the Stacked Wild covers the reel this will trigger Inari’s Fortune which will nudge the Stacked Wild to land fully on the reel.  

When the Stacked Wild lands and a winning combination is formed, this triggers Inari’s Dance – known as the Travelling Wild.  

The Multiplier increases and the Stacked Wild travels to the next reel where an automatic spin is triggered. This cycle is repeated until no more wins are formed after the re-spin. The next round starts when the players hit re-spin and the Multiplier resets. 

Meet the characters


The goddess herself. Thought to be a spirit by locals, Inari possesses the power to shapeshift from human to fox form – it’s no wonder locals think her supernatural. 

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