Elk Studios: Mystic Orbs

Dragon of earth

As a representative of the 5 elements, dragon Ying Longs paramount power stands tall at the entrance of Yu the Greats treasure chamber. One must lure the great beast to explore the riches within.

Mystic Orbs is a 5 reel 5 row mysterious slot. It comes with charged wilds, symbol upgrades, and a bonus game with a persistent multiplier!

Wild Orbs

The Wild Orb and the Charged Wild Orb are wild symbols. Landing a Wild Orb activates the feature vertically above on the feature reel. The Charged Wild Orb activates all features on the feature reel.

Game Features

X-iterTM allows players to jump right into the action with 5 different game modes ranging from a 5x bet with guaranteed win, up to a 500x Super Bonus where all Orbs are charged. More info about X-iter™

Feature Row

The feature row is populated with up to 5 features at the start of each game round. Once a feature is activated, a new feature is added. Features include symbol upgrades, multipliers, respins, cash prizes and bonus entry.

Bonus game

Collect 5 Orbs, or trigger the Bonus symbol in the feature row to enter the bonus game. The bonus game features a persistent multiplier, which can increase in value. Orb payout pays out the value times the placed bet.

Fun Fact

The dragon could very well be the most versatile creature around. Depending on culture, they have none to four legs, horns or no horns,  possibly spikes and wings are optional. Some are friendly and helpful, others eat you for dessert.

RTP: 95,0 %
Volatility: 7 of 10
Max win: 10 000x bet
Hit frequency: 28,0 %
Max exposure: 1 000 000 coins
Bet levels: 0,20 – 100 Eur
Paylines: Cluster

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