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Let’s accept that modern world is changing rapidly. The age of digitization has brought numerous technical advances to our civilization, but it has also made us more and more mobile. The citizens lack an easy time as their work keeps them on the move. A major online study has revealed that Europeans have found a new love for slot machines. As a result, many citizens prefer to use free slots on their phones.

The research conducted recently revealed that more than 27% of the surveyed UK citizen prefers to play free slot game online, as they are easy and fun-filled. Another similar study revealed that overall 69% of the British citizen prefers to play any kind of casino video slot on their smartphone as they are on the move in the subways or buses. This is a significant development for the game designing and software providing companies as well as gamers. This would invariably mean only one thing, i.e. further improvement of free slot machines.

Types of Free Slot Machines

Just like humanity, slot machines have transcended too. They have moved from their traditional brick and mortar set up to acquire the status of a truly online gaming destination. Most of the modern world slot machines are produced using an HTML5 development framework which allows the gambler to play them on any device. This software revolution has eased the transformation of games from an elite and selected sections to a global countrywide phenomenon.

The modern world slot machines can be broken down in many categories:

  1. Based on Number of Reels: Traditional brick and mortar based games used to have 3 reels. As the games moved to online casinos, their development style took a turn. Most of the modern casino games have 5 reels. Although some of the titles have been developed with 6 reels as well. However, as per surveys and internet polls, the gamers prefer to play 5-reel games because of the neat look and feel of the game.
  2. Based on the Genre: If you ask a gambler of the 1990s, he or she would invariably call the slot machines as fruit machine because the originals were limited to having fruit symbols and awarded the players on matching similar fruit icons in a row. But they are not anymore. The new century not only brought a revolution in the way games are played, but also in the way they are developed.

Now slot machines are not limited to having random fruit symbols. They have a well-developed plot and a game genre around which the whole thing is spun by the developer. The most popular slot machine genres are:

  • Egyptian games
  • Greek-Roman History-Based games
  • Animal Themed machines
  • Marine World Machines
  • Franchise Games.
  1. Progressive Jackpot Machines: The modern games evolved the phenomenon of a progressive jackpot which has been boosted by the capacity and connectivity of the internet. A progressive jackpot is connected across a network of machines, and it pools money from players all over the world. Once a player is able to trigger a progressive jackpot reward, it is paid by machines connected across the network and hence usually runs into 5 or 6 figures. Once triggered, the progressive jackpot can easily turn a player into a millionaire.
  2. Mobile Slot Machines: Early slot machines were usually played on desktops and laptops, with the help of a dedicated software developed by the company. Nowadays, slots are presented over the HTML5 framework, instead of flash. Hence these games are playable across a variety of devices running on Android, iOS, and Windows phones. This has eliminated the necessity of downloading a dedicated software and precious device memory is saved from unnecessary consumption.

Most Popular Slot Machine Developers

As the phenomenon of slot machines caught pace, the number of developers in the industry saw a rapid rise. In the beginning days, the industry was shaped by the vision and creation of providers like Microgaming, Big Time Gaming and NetEnt. As these companies started to make profits, others saw potential in the development of the nascent industry as well. At present, there are over 200 slot providing companies.

The entry of new developers made the competition intense. Still, it helped the industry positively as the new entrants constantly challenged the established developers with their spirit of innovation and out of box thinking.

Some of the new developers later got merged with the big names in the industry. The others still carry the development work. Thunderstruck 2, Mega Moolah, Buffalo Rising, and Jungle Book are some of the most popular machines being played by the gamblers.

Rewards in Slot Machines

As the slots gained popularity, the developers started to include more and more exciting rewards in the games. Most of the modern casino titles offer a cash reward to the players. These rewards are often more than thrice the fees of playing the games.

If the players are lucky enough to hit the jackpot, there is no upper limit to their rewards, and their fortunes might change entirely. Other forms of bonuses included in the games are free spins, bonus round rewards, gambling and loyalty rewards.

Other Casino Games

While we have talked on a length about slot machines, the development in the casino industry is not limited to pokies only. The spirit of innovation has transformed the classical gambling options like Blackjack and Poker as well. Most of the popular online casinos now offer a host of classic table games, apart from slot machines. These include:

  1. Live Dealer Games: Live casino games help the players in fulfilling their desire to play their favourite gambling option in a grand casino in Vegas. Now the players are not given a free ticket to Vegas. Still, they are virtually taken to a grand Vegas casino with a live dealer where they can bet against other players, enjoy high-class gambling environment, all the way sitting comfortably on their couch.
  2. Live PokerPoker has always been one of the highest played gambling options. Online casinos allow players to place bets in a live game against other gamblers with whom they can even chat on their mobile screens.
  3. Live Rolette and BlackJack: Roulette and Blackjack are considered evergreen gambling option and the online casino atmosphere allow the players to enjoy these classical gambling options with the utmost ease. Developers have tried to emulate these games in entirety by allowing the players to converse among themselves using onscreen options.


With the rise of smartphones, online gamingis on the rise as well. A significant number of europeans are now opting to try free slot machines as they are easy to play and need no registration and have no download requirements. These slot machines offer an easy arena of entertainment without posing any strict obligations on demanding any fee.

The rules are easy, and the outcome is dependent on Random Number Generator algorithms. It is the randomness of these games, which makes them fair to even a novice player. Once well versed with the rules of the free versions of the titles, the players are then moving on to play casino games with real money bets. With the entry of newer punters, these are exciting times for the gaming and gambling industry.

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